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What is Room Art Space?

Evolving and ever-changing performing space!

Room Art Space is an evolving and ever-changing performing space and cafe. The multi-purpose space offers professional and aspiring performers and artists – as well as lovers of the arts – a place to create, collaborate, and share ideas over delicious food and a freshly brewed coffee. Room Art Space stage hosts Live music, film Screenings, stand-up comedy, open mic events & more

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History of Room Art Space


Room occupies the basement of 10 Tolombat Street, Although seemingly just another Belle Epoque building in Garden City, 10 Tolombat Street hides plenty of rich history. During World War II the British Army made it their headquarters and nicknamed it “Number 10”. In secret dispatches British
officials referred to 10 Tolombat as “Grey Pillars”.

Many historic figures have walked through these elegant gates including
Charles de Gaulle, Oliver Lyttleton, Chaim Weizmann and Anthony Eden. Historians say de Gaulle and Lyttleton negotiated the independence of Syria and Lebanon in this very building.

More than seven decades later Room occupies the basement of 10 Tolombat Street.

Although still referred to as Tolombat, the street’s name was recently changed to “Etehaad Al Mohamin Al Arab Street”.

In 2019, Room Art Space launched its second branch in New Cairo.

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01000 681 539
10 Etehaad Al Mohamin Al Arab St., Garden City

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10:00 AM - 12:00 AM